Friday, February 1, 2008

Ice ice baby..

Good evening! It's Friday February 1st, and this blog comes in 4 parts!
Yesterday I bought some CDs. I can seriously spend hours in CD/DVD/electronics stores.. My personal record is 4,5 hours in HMV in Vancouver BC.
No, I'm not kidding..
I like digging in the CD racks, not searching for anything in particular, but just to see what I'll find...

I was looking for those on purpose though..
..Girly music, eh? ;)

I have an essay due on Feb. 5th in "Ethics in the healthcare system". It's kinda tricky and I really just wanna finish it.. or ...start it.. :S
I'll just have to do some word-vomiting in Word tomorrow hopefully..

I've been watching some guitar videos today.. and now.. I want to get an electric guitar..
I mentioned that I wanted to get an electric guitar in a vlog I did yonks ago.. but I got a camcorder instead..
well.. not really "instead" because the price of a camcorder and an electric guitar are quite... "different"..
Especially since I'm insanely picky and wanted a real Fender Strat, even though I have no idea how it even works..

I do love my blue acoustic guitar though.. and seeing that I'm not really making any money at the moment.. like.. at all.. "Birkir" will be my only child for a few more years.. (No, you're most likely not pronouncing it right.. I'm sorry.. but to me it sounds and looks blue)

It's so frikken cold..
It makes me sleepy..
and tomorry it will be colder..

I love it.. ^_^

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Kiwi said...

I am totally pronouncing it right. In my head. I'm sure :D
The guitar looks deliciously sexy, I must say.
And weeeeeeeeee for coldness!!
We had frikken 12°C today. Hello?? It's February!

Ben Robot said...

woo hoo!!! i love the cold. oh... i mean wuss cold cause... you know... it doesnt get as cold as where u are.

JXtotheZ said...

1. I could add Hardware stores to the list...

2. "Ethics in the healthcare system"
Thats easy, just try not to kill anyone and that should be it haha

3. I prefer the Gibson Les Paul but the "Buddy Guy Standard Stratocaster® with Polka Dots" is my favorite Fender ;)

And the Amp isn't free either...

4. Cool!

Jabazzy said...

HMV is quite addictive, when I can't buy all the music I want it saddens me. But thank goodness for the Internet and Last FM. Good luck on your paper hun :)