Monday, February 11, 2008


when you post a blog each day for 12 days straight...
..and then one day, you don't feel like doing a blog..
but you actually bother to log in and write that you "won't do one" today..

....does that mean that I accidentally blogged?

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Grady Richards said...

...and soon it becomes as natural as breathing...

TheDoctorIsIn said...

Categorically not accidental. Intentional and still full of information. Specifically:
You've blogged for 12 days straight.
Today you don't want to.
It was a bother to log in.
You did add that you "won't do one." A logical fallacy, cognitive therapy will do wonders for you.
I would suggest you try
"Today, another minimalist blog..." Perhaps a haiku for these tough days. They're light work and artistic.
Okay, first sessions are gratis. My standard rate is $125US/session (40 minutes). Actually, I've raised my rates on my other clients but, you're just the usual angst riddled 20 something. See it all the time, you be right as rain in no time. Please cancel 24 hours ahead or I'll have to charge for the whole session. Look forward to working with you. Any questions or concerns?