Monday, February 4, 2008


Lesson of the day:
This one is easy and should be well known by now..

85% of all people are completely retarded and a waste of good air and space.

..and I don't mean retard as in mentally challenged individuals.
No, I call them "mentally challenged individuals".
"Retard" is meant as an insult, and those people don't deserve that.

The internet consists of roughly 92% retards, there of are 57% seriously perverted, 74% can't spell to save their life, and 66% are spoiled children who shouldn't be wearing makeup.

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Kiwi said...

You let it all out, hunny.
Bitch mode enabled. I had fun.

revilomat said...

Hm, you are very optimistic, imho. I think about 95% of all people are "retarded". That makes 98% internet "retards". So, assumed that 100 people writing on this post... *me counts Dinzla, Kiwi ... me* ...I... - am the first "retard" here.
Jiha! See!! I proofed my point! Internet arguments rock and are totally worth any second you are angry about them ;-)