Saturday, February 2, 2008


I just wanted to e-cry a bit now..
Monday Feb. 4th is "Bolludagur" or "buns day"..
That day the bakeries are packed with people buying all kinds of delicious buns..
I like the ones with strawberry cream and chocolate and sugar and ohh... *drool*..
..I never liked whipped cream unless it was in a bun..

well.. my point..
Last April.. my stomach decided to dislike dairy and stopped making lactase.. (I know it's not made there, but this ain't an anatomy class.. no no.)

So I just realized it now.. that I can't have any buns on monday o_O
..well ok.. I might have one.. but then I'll be all nauseous and die..
...I guess I'll just have lots of Pez instead..

Yeah.. this entry was pretty pointless huh?
Happy Groundhog day!


Kiwi said...'s groundhog day?
Where's the party at?!!
I feel like eating something really unhealthy now. Even without dairy and stuff. Just... plain unhealthyness to the max, you know.
Or maybe instead I'll just torture my poor n00bish fingers a bit more.

JXtotheZ said...

Yay, a whole day just for buns!

I feel your pain because I can't eat any lactose either but you people don't have lactose free dairy products in Iceland? Nowadays we have a lactose free option from almost every dairy product imaginable.
Or you could just take lactase pills and eat all the buns you want.

Ally said...

I don't think we have lactose free dairy.. only like.. rice and soya crap.. and I doubt they'll make lactose free buns..

Lactose intolerance is really rare here.. and in Scandinavia as well, as you might know. ;)

JXtotheZ said...

Yeah, I don't like the rice and soya crap either... You could try buns made from water and try finding some coconut cream, it's not the real thing but somewhat eatable at least.

Finland is definitely the most lactose intolerant country in Scandinavia but when I go to Sweden for example they're like "wtf you can't eat anything with milk?!?" and then I starve...

Ben Robot said...

happy pez day!!!