Monday, April 27, 2009

as we say in Iceland "þa'barallta gerast!!"

OMG! HI!! I told you in my last post, to sit tight if you were interested in how busy I've been.
Well, it's probably time to spill SOME of the beans.

In January I moved out!!! I've been living on my own since then! :O

In February Mr. AericWinter came to Iceland for 2 whole weeks!! :O

In March I turned old.. OH, and... I QUIT MY JOB!!!! :O

In April.. uhm.. I made videos again, worked like a dog and did a lot of paperwork and running around, making calls to embassies, old schools etc.


Because in June.. I'M MOVING OUT OF THE COUNTRY!!!! :O

Sure the economy is bad and everyone has to take a paycut and work more, for less money and whatnots.
Some might be forced to take on bigger paycuts than they should, and there is not much those "some's" can do about it....

Anywho, by June 1st. I'LL BE UNEMPLOYED!!! :O

..and on June 20th, MY ADDRESS WILL BE
*censored* HAMBURG

Oh, and May is pretty much booked with work, shipping my stuff, 2 close family birthdays (^_^) and collecting data and documents, because I'll be APPLYING FOR SCHOOL IN A COUNTRY WHERE I DON'T SPEAK THE LANGUAGE!!!! :O

So yes..
big things happening here, people..
I hope you all are well..


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Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's March already! woah!!

I'm not dead!!
So people have asked me to blog more.
Actually people have asked me to do more of everything, but I IZ SUPER BUSY! like you have no idea. You might think you do, but no, there is always more. It will all be clear in hopefully less than 80 days, so if you're interested, sit tight! :D this blog post was just meant to say that, and Merry Christmas, Happy new year & Happy birthday to me!
(Thank god I blogged before Easter, because adding Easter to that mix would have just been sad.)
..if non of this makes sense, don't worry! I haven't eaten yet as I type this, currently waiting for my ramen to cool down a bit, so making sense is not a given.

Anyways! lookie what Kiwi made for me earlier.
kewl eh? it's a twitter cloud thingy with my colors and stuff : D
Until next time, hopefully not to long from now :S
baiii <3