Friday, December 26, 2008


9/27/08 10:21 PM
omggg hi!

9/27/08 10:21 PM
what did i start?!

9/27/08 10:21 PM
you started my downfall
9/27/08 10:21 PM
or.. marriage to XXXX
9/27/08 10:21 PM
or... casual sex at the most
9/27/08 10:22 PM
i don't know what I'm saying.
9/27/08 10:22 PM
9/27/08 10:22 PM
where is Jasmine?

9/27/08 10:22 PM
9/27/08 10:22 PM
she went to chew gum
9/28/08 12:10 AM
what are you writing?!?

9/28/08 12:11 AM
femme fatale is on tv.... I don't know why.. but I think I've seen the beginning of that movie like.. 20 times... but i have no idea what happens after the whole... girl on girl makeout session in the bathroom.... or after that theater ending.... and that is what I was writing

9/28/08 12:11 AM
she goes to mexico to catch a wild donkey

9/28/08 12:12 AM
is shia lebeof there?

9/28/08 12:13 AM
inside the donkey

9/28/08 12:13 AM
9/28/08 12:13 AM
I think I've seen it then.
9/22/08 9:11 PM
imagine babies were born out of your tits
9/22/08 9:11 PM
right out the nipple

9/22/08 9:11 PM
ouch ew omg hahaha

9/22/08 9:11 PM

9/22/08 9:11 PM
mental picture of doom

9/22/08 9:12 PM
my nips got nippy thinking about it

9/22/08 9:12 PM

9/22/08 9:12 PM
9/22/08 9:12 PM
imagine how loose they would be
9/22/08 9:12 PM
and leaky

9/22/08 9:13 PM
you could put your fist in there
9/22/08 9:13 PM
or a wallet

9/22/08 9:13 PM
your keys
9/22/08 9:13 PM
your cell phone

9/22/08 9:13 PM

9/22/08 9:13 PM
if you were in bed you could put your cup in there

9/22/08 9:14 PM
I'm picturing a human doggy bowl

9/22/08 9:14 PM

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The bright side of things

1. I found a red blood cell cast in a urine sample and took this picture of it.They are always a bad sign for the patient, and are usually hard to detect, but I found it and recognized it, so yay! (Yeah, I'm probably the only one who is impressed, but that's enough ^_^)

2. I thought was dead, but no no, apparently not.
What is the bright side? It's funny.

3. The next installment in this blog is something I'd like to call "Faildisk art". When a disk fails, doodle the frustration away and call it art!

4. This one is different. There is no bad side to when people decide to spontaneously send you cute and thoughtful gifts. <3

5. ..and finally, we have Gmail. After deleting some unpleasant unwanted emails I noticed this handy little tip.

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Rapid Eye Movements

Last night, I dreamt I made a mixtape for all you lovely people who still read this blog (and for myself too, of course).
And now, I just made one (!!!).

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

freaky, eh? (not really)

What's more is that, this Mixtape is kinda like a representation of what happens to me these days, when I go to bed at night, and right until I get up in the morning.
(I should maybe mention that I'm a very active snoozaholic and dependent on 3 or more alarm clocks in order to keep my day job..)

And now I should really go do the things I was supposed to be doing when I made that mixtape.
Enjoy it!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Yearbook time!

Right, hello blog!! Long time no... oh whatever..
I wish I could write something interesting and funny, but I just can't right now, soooo it's YEARBOOK YOURSELF TIME!! (yes, I screamed that as i typed. What?)

I know what you're thinking, and yes, it WAS me.. Bei Mir Bist Du Schöen, oh good times.

1964Yeah, no comment.

1966It's such a shame this picture isn't in color, my hair was the perfect shade of fake sixties blonde.

1968A week after seeing my picture from 1966, I thought "meh, I'm done with blonde, I look like a Q-tip", so wa-wa-woom voilá!

1970I had a lot of Kit-Kat in 1970

1982After 10 years of fighting the Kit-Kat weight, I finally managed to smile again because now my life was as good as an ABBA song

1984That year, I met Bonnie Tyler and nearly died, true story.

1986My year as a woman of color. Yeah, i couldn't pull it off really, but I had fun.

1994Yes I was STILL in high-school! That's where all the fun and drama are at!

Kelly Taylor wannabe, the end.

My final year, I had just joined the cheerleading squad, and then I got a part on Buffy where I was killed off before the opening credits rolled. I had told the whole school I'd be on that show, and when they found out it was just a minor roll they shunned me.
I was not heard from since.

True story.

Friday, September 12, 2008


So like, OMG Hi and stuff!
I've been working at the hospital for 2 whole weeks now and I lurv it!
..well, the going to bed early (kinda) and waking up freezing and having to get up and leave the house sorta sucks, but it would suck a lot more if it weren't for my new baby!! ^__^This is an 8 year old Opel Astra that used to belong to my grandpa, but he just got himself a new car and then sold this one to me.
This is the very same car that totally destroyed my stick shift self confidence (yes, it's stick shift!! omg!!). I just could not drive this car back in 2001 and hated it with a passion.
Today, we've made up! It has stalled only ONCE since I got it and that was just me, trying to see IF it could stall it at all.
Now I just need to find a place that can make panther-print black/green fluffy interior, woop!
I wanted to take more pictures, but as you can maybe see, it was raining and has been raining, a lot, pretty much every day now for a long time, meh.

Yesterday, I went to the movies and saw Mamma Mia and I couldn't stop smiling!
ABBA = genius.

I've decided to make this September the month of "Just because".
..why? ...just because, and no, you don't have to know what that means.

I also signed up for an online college course at my brothers school last week.. so technically I'm a student again (...).

aaand I'm also kinda "organizing" a mini family reunion later this month.

aaaaaand I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting lots of crap I'm doing these days, but then again, this isn't the confessional, PM me if you want details.. or better don't, I suck at replying to emails. If you've ever sent me one, you'd know. -___-

OH! I know how to end this blog now!! (yes, I had some issues with the ending earlier and I HATE saying goodbye, so I start to ramble.. like right now, ok ok ok, ending)
It was BenRobot's birthday this Thursday, so the lovely Jabazzy and the rest of Ben's E-lovers got together in this splendid collab to virtually glitterbomb our favorite robot..

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Saturday, August 30, 2008


Hello blog!

Yesterday I planned out everything I had to do today and then went "early" to bed.
Not that it did much good because I couldn't sleep, so I just lay there for over 2 hours thinking and writing random stuff down (shit I need to make a video).
Then I got up fairly early after snoozing for 2 hours (oh god I'll miss that..), and didn't really feel like doing the first half of my previously planned plan.
Sooo I made a mixtape for you all instead!
(Aren't you glad I'm so fickle?)

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes


Tuesday, August 12, 2008


OK! OK! I'm working on it! geez..

Monday, August 4, 2008

you want some of this betch?

So after being asked about my funky keyboard layout for the 178th time, I thought it was time I reached across the table, grabbed my digital camera and just showed y'all...
feel free to show me your keyboard.. you know.. or not... whatevah..
(ps. I should really write a long ass blogpost about my offline time, and I might just do that, but I'm not in the mood to do so right now, so yeah, picture blogpost it is, yet again. woop woop!)
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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

July 2008 will officially be known as the month of WIN in my books!


and then I just randomly wanna put this picture here because I think it's funny.
Of all the places I could go to and all the people I could go there with....
we strolled into this "Kaffeerösterei"......and if we hadn't been totally sleepdrunk and awake for over 24 hours, we would have taken a picture in front of the place and have one of us actually be IN the picture and stuff..
..good times.
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Monday, July 7, 2008

Cleaning out my folders..

I was cleaning up my folders today and found this..

Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

just because..

..I can drive the car now..

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What would Rosa Parks do? - episode 1

the old classic..
and the latest.. like ...should I move?
...I like my e-world and I don't just wanna give up on it and start sheep farming.. but what can one person do really?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

What would Buttercup do?..

I remember when I first got on Stickam.. I was told it was the devil.. (which is absolutely true btw)..
Now I fear there is a new devil in town... in the form of (dramatization due to sleep deprivation... bear with me..)
On Saturday night, I decided to go drive around town at midnight.. (to practice the stickshift, which is going rather well actually)..
when I got home, I noticed that thewinekone was doing a live show..

long story short: ...I'm still here at 11 AM writing this short blog..
...and the reason I'm doing this, is what Tony drew for Jase..
the model, was jp3d2k's picture of awesomeness.

Then here are some random screenshots, tralalalala...
- Click the pictures to see them full size :O
- I'm not really that crazy about my firefox skin, I need to find a new one *note to self*
- OMG Twitterific is made of fail
- I'm showing you my whole desktop because of the time in the upper right corner.. duh..
- the loveCULT was missing members.. boo for offlineland.
- thanks to Twitter, we got some REndum guests that had some müsli and hopefully some fun..

..and now my dear children, I will try to nap for a bit because my sleepdrunkness is starting to show.. me thinks... yes.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008


so for the past few days, I've been on a Buffy marathon.. and it's still not over.. but I'm not as intense about it anymore, because the musical one is over, and that one pwns the most.. (this fragmented sentence makes sense to me, so blah..)

I've also been working on cleaning my window.. like.. extreme cleaning, killing some mold fungusy-thing that has been partying it up microbe style..

This weekend I have to attend my own graduation.. the whole thing takes probably over 6 hours and I can't wait till it's over and done with.. gaah..

..and this morning, I was feeling kinda spacey, so I made a mixtape.. which turned out to be kinda.. retro mellow-ish...


Then I made this map..

The end.

Friday, May 30, 2008


I think I need to blog now..

First of all, I am fine. Thank you all for your concerns, your emails, comments and twitts.
I am fine.

There was an earthquake here yesterday measured at least 6.1 Richter. It originated in a small mountain/hill right next to the town of Selfoss 30 miles (50K) from Reykjavik.
We did feel it here, it was pretty strong and pretty scary.

They say 28 people were injured, but only minor injuries, cuts and bruises. There is a lot more of people in shock after the whole thing. Most of the people in Selfoss slept in tents last night.

Houses in Selfoss are a mess, they're all still standing, but some are cracked, and some need to be demolished.

There have been almost constant after shakes in Selfoss, mostly small ones, but some over 3 Richter.
There is also increased activity in some hot springs in the area, and apparently some hot clay pits spewing clay in the air.

Now, I'm not trying to be all superhero about this, this was a big thing.
However, this island I live on is located on the Mid-Atlantic ridge, meaning there is a lot of geological activity here.

I was home alone, and jumped in the doorway when I felt this wasn't just a minor quake. The house shook pretty hard, small things fell off shelves and the "chandelier" in the kitchen rocked back and forth.

I say my walls are thin because they aren't soundproof. They are about 20cm thick concrete and wire, built to withstand this kinda thing.
There are small cracks in the walls here at home, but saying that they grew bigger since yesterday could just be my imagination. I mean, it's possible, I just don't know.

I was also home alone during a big earthquake we had in 2000 (6.6 Richter, although this one felt much bigger) and then once during a 5 pointer I was in a storage facility for old airline tickets, which was kinda creepy.

My point being, today, is just good old Friday.
Yesterday, I was shaking hours after the quake, but today, I'm just enjoying my vacation.
Sure, there is a lot more of news on TV, and a possible big after shake expected, but if it comes, it comes.

This link is to an icelandic news site, there you can see some pictures from Selfoss and practice your icelandic (I dunno).

I've felt some minor rumbling while writing this blog, but it's possible that it's only my imagination. It might also very well be real, but honestly, it doesn't matter, when the only constant you have isn't constant anymore everything becomes surreal.

-and then you get over it, until the next big one..

Friday, May 23, 2008

my stats, bitch

I've been trying to make a video for a week now..
I wonder if subconsciously I'm not making one because of this..

..or maybe I'm just lazy...

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Friday, May 16, 2008

when I'm hungry, I can't think of titles..

Hi there!

I was bored and made another mixtape..