Thursday, February 14, 2008


Is there any possibility for a person to forget that it's this so called "Valentine's day" today?

Answer: ..Hell NO..

Call me a bitter old hag, I don't care.. I'm not a bitter old hag.. I've been having fun and smiling all day..
..and yet, I don't have a so-called "special someone" to give candy and crap to... (like omg Britney, like WTF?)
I just don't care (yeah yeah.. bla bla.. girls like candy, girls like... whatever Karen said in her song...)
Sure I liked it when a friend gave me a stuffed animal once..way back when... (wasn't for Valentine's Day because we don't really celebrate it here..)
..but that's not gonna make me go all mushy and cry just because I'm not gonna get one today..
Today is a good day..
I like the number 14...
I like Thursdays..
I don't like seeing this yucky piece of crap on my favorite internet site...That's all I have to say on the matter...


Daveee said...

Eh it was the same as any other day for me too, I didnt even notice the youtube thing though lol, shows how observant i am.

JX said...

Everyone on YT just wants to rub it in our faces...

F Valentine!

Kiwi said...

And now you even put that fugly thing on your pretty little blog ; (

I like our VD though.
Beer and Dexter, what more do you want? :F

revilomat said...

Hm, it is not only YouTube, it is almost on every site over the whole www! I bet 80% of all the internet folks (= The people who are online on this day, because the others are offline, buying stuffed animals and so on. The 20% who do care, may be the people who buy stuffed animals on amazon or make weird videos for their beloved ones...) don't care about this day and want not to be bothered about it. So, the majority does not want it! QED! ;-)

Jase said...

The attack of Google logo's on YouTube = yucky.