Thursday, February 21, 2008

E-punching bag *Explicit Content*

The MacBook has this lovely little feature.. where when you force quit a program that isn't responding, you can send an error report/problem report to Apple.. and yes, I know that you probably also can in Windows XP.. but it's just... easier to do on the Mac..
Now... the firefox isn't really up to par these days.. months, and sometimes Skype joins the "let's be screwed up and mess with your plans" party.

What do I do?
I rant...
In the problem report...
and then i save it.. so I can post them here..


firefox needs improvement on the mac, seriously. Safari is the sorriest piece of crap ever made, and firefox keeps freezing..
Kiss my ass Steve.. kiss it good..

2 times in a row now, and this time only 2 tabs open..
Great work you guys!!*

*this statement is called sarcasm

ok now what the hell??
My internet stopped working.. skype wasn't responding. I was working in iMovie HD and then Mac OS X shuts down on me??
you have got to be fucking kidding me here!!
reliable my ass!!

Helvítis djöfulsins aula fífl eru þið þarna helvítis hálfvitarnir ykkar..
Ég hata ykkur...
..ok.. I was closing a tab.. ok?.. on firefox.. and that STUPID ASS GAY PRIDE CIRCLE DRIVES ME INSANE!!!

Yes, I know this will not help in solving my problem... but.. fuck you Steve Jobs!!

ok.. I'm sorry I yelled in previous "problem report"s.. this is getting scary now..
This is the second time this has happened.
First the internet stops working, then it works again, and then I'm told that I need to force restart.. and no if, ands, or buts about it.
please fix this.. please?

I hope you all get chlamydia and die you ugly motherfuckers!!!
fix the fucking firefox or get anthrax in the mail!! threats like that work?
..we'll see...

Oh, fuck you.. seriously...

we gotta stop meeting like this baby.. ;)
ok.. weird..
you know what... this is happening way too often... firefox showing me that stupid ass gay pride circle and forcing me to... force quit... I'm tempted to start writing a novel... in the problem report section.. hmm? how does that sound?
(and yes.. like always... I know you "can't" trace this and this will not be replied to... I mean.. I'm not dumb.. I'm pissed off.. I should know how these ugly ass problem reports work by now)
I'm reading The Secret.. so now, you will fix the firefox and then you will send me 2 copies of Final Cut Pro.. OH, make that 3 Final Cut Pro and one MacBook.
Yes, you will send it to me.. *ohmmm ohmm*
PS. Steve.. I hate you, give me money..

Hi.. It's me again!
I filed a problem report 7 minutes ago..
yeah.. Hi..
well... guess what..
I'm baaaaack..
Not by choice.. no no.. I was thrown here by the crackwhore cunt ass slutty tit face puppy molesting jackass lame-excuse-for-a-program... also called firefox for Mac.
Oh, you should know this by now.. I come here almost everyday!
anyways.. Ironically.. I was just about to log into my blog.. to post all my error reports..
Yeah.. I save them..
I've already told you guys that I know/think/presume no one will ever read this.. and even if you do... I'll never know...
I'm gonna try again now...
I hope I won't see you guys... ever again... but I'll probably see you tomorrow..
yeah.. Bye..

well.. it is past midnight now.. so I guess this is "tomorrow"
(yeah.. it's me... aaafuckingagain... 3rd time in one night.. bravo)
I don't have the energy for this.. I just wanted to have 10 problem reports on my blog... so this is the final one..
I'll try to open the firefox again to post the blog now..
see you all in hell..

Sunday, February 17, 2008

They tried to make me go to rehab..

Hi.. My name is Ally and i I'm an audioholic..

I've been using music for the last.. 23 years at least...
..and am still currently using..
I've tried quitting a few times.. but I always seem to fall of the wagon..
I don't remember how it started.. but I do remember being really young.. and looking up at the living room wall... at the shelves... filled with delicious vinyl records..
I remember my dad.. showing me 2 records.. one with a black man on the cover, and the other with a white man on the cover..
..he said they were the same person..

before I knew it.. I was using every day.. mostly in the living room.. by myself..
some days it got so bad... I chose the records over going out to play with the kids in my neighborhood..
It was probably then when I realized my hobby had become my addiction.

Back then.. I didn't always know what I was using.. I just knew it was... something like.. track number 6 on the record that looked like a white wall..
I was using so much during that time that it was hard to keep track of what was a good buzz and what wasn't..
Today I know better.. I read labels.. It's just good sense.. knowing what you are using at all times..
although sometimes.. I do lose control.. and use nonstop.. for days even..
after binges like that.. my head feels numb..
I feel the desperate need to continue using.. but everything I have.. isn't good enough..
..the tracks that made me feel like I was dancing on a rainbow of skittles... don't work for me anymore.. so I try to put them aside while I go hunting for a new buzz..
..most of the times.. the new buzz is in no way as good as the previous one..
Right there, I recognize that this might be a problem..
When I'm in a low like that, I try to find bad stuff to use, to make the old "good stuff" look more appealing again by comparison...
.. I have a few CDs for exactly that.. music that is so terrible.. it physically hurts using it..
I try to fool myself into thinking.. it's interesting and fun... and sometimes it works.. and I can laugh at my own silliness...
Other times.. it's just embarrassing, time consuming and ...quite painful.

I don't think I'll get over this addiction easily.. and some days.. I'm not even sure I want to get over it..
I know.. I know.. this means I'm not ready to change.. I haven't hit rock bottom yet.. but that doesn't mean I'm not concerned about my health and sanity..
Right now, I just have to take it one day at a time.. slowly learning to accept that I can't change some things about my life.. hoping Elvis will bring me the courage to change what I can... and the wisdom to know the difference..

Friday, February 15, 2008


11:56 PM.. :O
that is waay to late to begin writing a blog... right?
oh hell...
sue me..

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Is there any possibility for a person to forget that it's this so called "Valentine's day" today?

Answer: ..Hell NO..

Call me a bitter old hag, I don't care.. I'm not a bitter old hag.. I've been having fun and smiling all day..
..and yet, I don't have a so-called "special someone" to give candy and crap to... (like omg Britney, like WTF?)
I just don't care (yeah yeah.. bla bla.. girls like candy, girls like... whatever Karen said in her song...)
Sure I liked it when a friend gave me a stuffed animal once..way back when... (wasn't for Valentine's Day because we don't really celebrate it here..)
..but that's not gonna make me go all mushy and cry just because I'm not gonna get one today..
Today is a good day..
I like the number 14...
I like Thursdays..
I don't like seeing this yucky piece of crap on my favorite internet site...That's all I have to say on the matter...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

no form I make rather sentence bad yes

It's Wednesday night, and I am exhausted..
I've been working at the hospital for 3 days straight, from 8 am to 4 pm...
..ok yeah, not a big deal really, people do "work" everyday.. but I'm usually not one of them.. and this ain't their blog.. so there!..
..yeah.. I've been kinda having problems forming sentences today.. all day..
(great time for a blog, eh?)
So I'll just try to make this short (-ish) and get right to todays point..

Remember my MRirian trip?...
I'm on another trip now...
a mrpregnant trip...
because I'm masochistic like that sometimes..
that's why..

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Taking care of business..

I was rude on the phone today..
my bank called..
advising me to get additional life-savings 401(k) account crap...
They've called me before about the same thing..
I tried it out once...
and they called me 2 times a week, telling me about more special deals..
and then they took my money away..
It felt like they were robbing me blind..
I hope to be more then 50 years old...
that means I'm not even half way through life yet..
which means this 401k will just about cover my future phone bill for the bank...
I don't have a job right now...
where am I gonna get the extra money for my bank to take away?..
"But the interest rates! you'll make more money if you sign up now!" the condescending bank lady told me..
"This will be like a 2% increase of your monthly income, provided by your employer!!...
I can have a bank adviser call you later this week and you can go over it with him point by point"...
She was not taking NO for an answer...
The fact that I wasn't even employed had no affect on her..
her scripted telemarketer tone of voice was not cracking...
"You work in the summer, riiight?? that is money that could be earning you some extr.."
"Look, lady, If I want to have a relationship with my fucking bank, then I'll fucking ask for it! ..You've pulled this shit on me before and I won't fall for it again.. when I'll have a fucking job and a regular income, I will think about my 401k business! ..Right now I just want you to stop calling me every other week, wasting my time for potential peanuts!!"...
"...But, but, but the interest rates will.."
"Yeah, I don't give a flying fuck.."
"Oh, well.. have it your way then, and thank you for your time" she finally said, trying to make me feel like I was missing out on life...
I hung up on her... feeling like I was missing out on life....

the call was recorded by the bank..
I will now be in their records, filed under "bitch"..
paranoid much?..

30 minutes later Gallup called....

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Monday, February 11, 2008


when you post a blog each day for 12 days straight...
..and then one day, you don't feel like doing a blog..
but you actually bother to log in and write that you "won't do one" today..

....does that mean that I accidentally blogged?

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bloody language barriers!!..

Another slow day on the internet.. (what the hell?..)
I guess people really liked paperlilies idea of a "no internet week" o_O
..or not.. what do I know..
This whole internet inactivity gave me a chance to do some studying..
..calculating how much blood I will need for each experiment in my research.. thing.. :-P

You Could Definitely Be a Vampire

Immortality, staying pretty forever, not having to get a job... you could definitely eat some flesh for these things.
It's not that you're a murderer by nature. In fact, you're probably the furthest thing from it.
However, if you woke up a vampire, you'd certainly be able to adapt and enjoy your new lifestyle.
There might not be much better than living forever, even if it means giving up your soul.

What you would like best about being a vampire: Being a total outsider

What you would like least about being a vampire: Other vampires

The only thing that has been bugging me about this school project, is that the user manual for the machine I will use, is all in Danish.. -____-
I'm supposed to be pretty much fluent in it.. I mean, for 8 years, the school system has forced me to learn Danish..
..and because we are forced to learn it.. most of us are reluctant to use it (or at least I am..).
It's been 5 years since I stopped learning Danish (OMFG I feel old o_O ) and I've been kinda... brushing up on it this weekend..

..and I've come to discover that my poor head is having major language categorizing issues..
When I read the Danish thing.. I make it sound like Swedish.. or even Norwegian..
and I can't help it.. I have to stop myself and force it to be Danish..
..and when I use the little German I know, it comes out like Danish..
My brother was smart enough to pick German in school.. and not French like his silly sister, so now I find German textbooks around the house, start reading it.. and it becomes Danish.. pfft..
What is even weirder.. is that when I'm trying to speak some French, I substitute words I don't remember right away with FRIKKEN DANISH words!!
I know.. I suck..

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Saturday, February 9, 2008


I wasn't gonna blog today, seeing that it's been really slow today in the E-world...
But then I saw this..This is probably the slowest weekend in YouTube history..

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Electricity, please don't leave me!

There is a storm out..
The lights have been flickering for hours and putting duct tape across windows is advised just in case something comes flying through the window...
We have been asked now, the whole nation to please stay in our homes.. because the weather is so bad..
Apparently, they don't have the manpower to rescue people on their Friday night stroll out of the ocean..
I guess I can cancel my plans of leaving the house, going downtown, getting completely wasted and waking up in a strangers house in a pool of my own vomit..

damn it...

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Thursday, February 7, 2008


Today I went on a MRirian trip...
yes, I watched them all..
all 41 videos..

I'm insane..

and now all I wanna do is sing to wooden squirrels, have some pizza and lick snails..
..or make a video that doesn't really make sense...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Driving all the Daisies...

Oh gwad..
Today.. has been.. pretty pointless..
I basically was a full time driver today, driving family members here and there all over town...
Then I thought about making a video :O (I know.. like.. omg!) ..I kinda just wanted to do an oldschool vlog.. just for the sake of it..
However, the cricket in my MacBook is being exceptionally loud for some reason, and I hate it.
I tried many different settings and no matter what I did... there it was.. the cricket of doom..
Now.. like some of you might know, I'm quite stubborn and I sometimes have these annoying little perfectionistic tendencies.. (ugh...)
The stubbornness is actually a good thing.. because I probably wouldn't have stayed in school for so long if I weren't so damn stubborn..
But when It comes to making a simple vlog...
I don't want that cricket there.. so it comes down to this:
Either he goes, or I go!!

Ok.. I don't know where exactly I would "go".. but..
My point: No video made today :S

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cultural learnings of Iceland for make benefit glorious nation of Internet

I can hardly believe that I'm actually managing to blog here every day so far, 7-9-13. ^,^
uhm.. yeah, that's "our" version of "knock on wood" ..7-9-13.

Today is the second day in the 3 day gluttony combo we celebrate here. The timing of the 3 days varies each year, and is "ruled" by Ash Wednesday, which is set on Wednesday (duh) 7 weeks before easter.

First day was monday, bollu-dagur, which I wrote about on Feb 2nd.
Today, tuesday is Sprengi-dagur, which could be directly translated to "Explosion day" or "blowing up day".
On this day, we are supposed to.. eat salty lamb meat and pea soup till we explode, basically. Very heart and kidney friendly day as you can tell.
Then tomorrow is Ösku-dagur, or "ash day", where kids dress up and sing songs in stores for candy.
Now I kinda feel like I'm repeating myself, because I did talk about ash wednesday in the Halloween video I made last year... uhm.. so If you wanna hear me.. uhm.. say what I just wrote, then that video is still up and kicking..
(oh, and the hyphen in the days names is not supposed to be there.. I'm just special like that sometimes..)

In other news,
I've finished the ethics essay and turned it in... uhm.. or sent it via email.. (oh, my inner eco geek is loving the "no waste of paper" thing).
I'm catching up on my subscriber "thank yous", trying my best to be original every time..
I still have about 60 subscribers to thank.. so my evening plans are pretty much set.
[Edit: or maybe I'm just kinda lazy now and will continue tomorrow, yes, it's been a busy day.]
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Monday, February 4, 2008


Lesson of the day:
This one is easy and should be well known by now..

85% of all people are completely retarded and a waste of good air and space.

..and I don't mean retard as in mentally challenged individuals.
No, I call them "mentally challenged individuals".
"Retard" is meant as an insult, and those people don't deserve that.

The internet consists of roughly 92% retards, there of are 57% seriously perverted, 74% can't spell to save their life, and 66% are spoiled children who shouldn't be wearing makeup.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

I have to have it!

I'm determined now..
The electric guitar can wait..
I'm going to get a Ukulele!!..


Saturday, February 2, 2008


I just wanted to e-cry a bit now..
Monday Feb. 4th is "Bolludagur" or "buns day"..
That day the bakeries are packed with people buying all kinds of delicious buns..
I like the ones with strawberry cream and chocolate and sugar and ohh... *drool*..
..I never liked whipped cream unless it was in a bun..

well.. my point..
Last April.. my stomach decided to dislike dairy and stopped making lactase.. (I know it's not made there, but this ain't an anatomy class.. no no.)

So I just realized it now.. that I can't have any buns on monday o_O
..well ok.. I might have one.. but then I'll be all nauseous and die..
...I guess I'll just have lots of Pez instead..

Yeah.. this entry was pretty pointless huh?
Happy Groundhog day!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Ice ice baby..

Good evening! It's Friday February 1st, and this blog comes in 4 parts!
Yesterday I bought some CDs. I can seriously spend hours in CD/DVD/electronics stores.. My personal record is 4,5 hours in HMV in Vancouver BC.
No, I'm not kidding..
I like digging in the CD racks, not searching for anything in particular, but just to see what I'll find...

I was looking for those on purpose though..
..Girly music, eh? ;)

I have an essay due on Feb. 5th in "Ethics in the healthcare system". It's kinda tricky and I really just wanna finish it.. or ...start it.. :S
I'll just have to do some word-vomiting in Word tomorrow hopefully..

I've been watching some guitar videos today.. and now.. I want to get an electric guitar..
I mentioned that I wanted to get an electric guitar in a vlog I did yonks ago.. but I got a camcorder instead..
well.. not really "instead" because the price of a camcorder and an electric guitar are quite... "different"..
Especially since I'm insanely picky and wanted a real Fender Strat, even though I have no idea how it even works..

I do love my blue acoustic guitar though.. and seeing that I'm not really making any money at the moment.. like.. at all.. "Birkir" will be my only child for a few more years.. (No, you're most likely not pronouncing it right.. I'm sorry.. but to me it sounds and looks blue)

It's so frikken cold..
It makes me sleepy..
and tomorry it will be colder..

I love it.. ^_^

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