Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cultural learnings of Iceland for make benefit glorious nation of Internet

I can hardly believe that I'm actually managing to blog here every day so far, 7-9-13. ^,^
uhm.. yeah, that's "our" version of "knock on wood" ..7-9-13.

Today is the second day in the 3 day gluttony combo we celebrate here. The timing of the 3 days varies each year, and is "ruled" by Ash Wednesday, which is set on Wednesday (duh) 7 weeks before easter.

First day was monday, bollu-dagur, which I wrote about on Feb 2nd.
Today, tuesday is Sprengi-dagur, which could be directly translated to "Explosion day" or "blowing up day".
On this day, we are supposed to.. eat salty lamb meat and pea soup till we explode, basically. Very heart and kidney friendly day as you can tell.
Then tomorrow is Ösku-dagur, or "ash day", where kids dress up and sing songs in stores for candy.
Now I kinda feel like I'm repeating myself, because I did talk about ash wednesday in the Halloween video I made last year... uhm.. so If you wanna hear me.. uhm.. say what I just wrote, then that video is still up and kicking..
(oh, and the hyphen in the days names is not supposed to be there.. I'm just special like that sometimes..)

In other news,
I've finished the ethics essay and turned it in... uhm.. or sent it via email.. (oh, my inner eco geek is loving the "no waste of paper" thing).
I'm catching up on my subscriber "thank yous", trying my best to be original every time..
I still have about 60 subscribers to thank.. so my evening plans are pretty much set.
[Edit: or maybe I'm just kinda lazy now and will continue tomorrow, yes, it's been a busy day.]
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RadX said...

Wowawiwa! That's very nice. Me like the title and I like you having 'tasty time' - high five! :D

Kiwi said...

LMAO @ radx's comment!!
The title rocks my world. Srsly. I literally LOLed when I read it.
Btw: have I told you lately... that your writing style is quite enjoyable? (Now what kind of weird English was that? Iiiiii don't know.)
Well. It is. The end.
And please.. don't explode? Ok?

JXtotheZ said...

Yeah, be careful on the exploding

Jase said...

blowing up day HAHAHA
I like lamb...poor baby sheep (emo)

jp3d said...

7,9,13 first three numbers in the sequence of odd numbers n such that cos(2pi/n) is an algebraic number of a 3-smooth degree, but not 2-smooth.