Sunday, June 29, 2008

just because..

..I can drive the car now..

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revilomat said...

Good job, madam! Another step into the ultimate freedom... I admire your purposefulness!! :)
And I hope you ruin some rentals while you are on your trip. Just for fun... ;P

The sky is perfect... no sun but bright. Shot with the new cam, I guess!? :)
Happy with it?

Ally said...

I love it ^_^

Kiwi said...

Yayness to the max!!! I knew you could do it!! w00t w00t :D

Pablo Kickasso said...

Word to your mirror.

jp3d said...

oh goddamnit we lost another one from the can't drive stick club.

JX said...

\ ^_^ /

Tavin said...

now you can play "real life mariocart"! ;)

Alles Gute zur bestandenen Prüfung!!