Friday, September 12, 2008


So like, OMG Hi and stuff!
I've been working at the hospital for 2 whole weeks now and I lurv it!
..well, the going to bed early (kinda) and waking up freezing and having to get up and leave the house sorta sucks, but it would suck a lot more if it weren't for my new baby!! ^__^This is an 8 year old Opel Astra that used to belong to my grandpa, but he just got himself a new car and then sold this one to me.
This is the very same car that totally destroyed my stick shift self confidence (yes, it's stick shift!! omg!!). I just could not drive this car back in 2001 and hated it with a passion.
Today, we've made up! It has stalled only ONCE since I got it and that was just me, trying to see IF it could stall it at all.
Now I just need to find a place that can make panther-print black/green fluffy interior, woop!
I wanted to take more pictures, but as you can maybe see, it was raining and has been raining, a lot, pretty much every day now for a long time, meh.

Yesterday, I went to the movies and saw Mamma Mia and I couldn't stop smiling!
ABBA = genius.

I've decided to make this September the month of "Just because".
..why? ...just because, and no, you don't have to know what that means.

I also signed up for an online college course at my brothers school last week.. so technically I'm a student again (...).

aaand I'm also kinda "organizing" a mini family reunion later this month.

aaaaaand I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting lots of crap I'm doing these days, but then again, this isn't the confessional, PM me if you want details.. or better don't, I suck at replying to emails. If you've ever sent me one, you'd know. -___-

OH! I know how to end this blog now!! (yes, I had some issues with the ending earlier and I HATE saying goodbye, so I start to ramble.. like right now, ok ok ok, ending)
It was BenRobot's birthday this Thursday, so the lovely Jabazzy and the rest of Ben's E-lovers got together in this splendid collab to virtually glitterbomb our favorite robot..

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jp3d said...

A car must come in pretty handy over there with the cold and the darkness. Good to hear that you were able to put your differences behind you, and master its crazy extra pedal. Looks like more practice with parking is needed however.

Really cool that you are putting together a family reunion. My family has a huge reunion every year in Idaho, but we have only gone a few times.

Tavin said...

I send you an e-mail yesterday, do you suck at videomesages 2 ? ;)

I'm happy you get along well

MaddoxHardcore said...

Car! Car! Car! Car!

how I do love it!

My car and your car should get together and make little babies...

revilomat said...

Yes!! A German car! :D
I think it is cool that it is called Opel in Iceland, too, and not Vauxhaul or Saturn.
And a car that was driven by grandpa before is just perfect; they are usually in a really good condition. I think you will have a good time with your cool new fellow! :)

And btw @jp3d, that is the way the pros park! Maybe someday I'll give you a 'how to park - the quick and fun way' lesson, so that you can finally park cool like that yourself. ;)

*adds Mamma Mia to the watch-list*

What are you studying now? Astrophysics?

Your part of the collab is soo sweet. Sing more often in your videos, please. Just lovely! :)

The month of "Just because"! <3 Your calendar starts to grow on me.

Thanks for the update and keep it up! :)

Anonymous said...

How much does stuff cost in Iceland? I'm thinking this might be a good time to take a holiday there since your economy just took a nosedive. I'm interested in things like salads, bundt cakes and dentist appointments.