Sunday, June 22, 2008

What would Buttercup do?..

I remember when I first got on Stickam.. I was told it was the devil.. (which is absolutely true btw)..
Now I fear there is a new devil in town... in the form of (dramatization due to sleep deprivation... bear with me..)
On Saturday night, I decided to go drive around town at midnight.. (to practice the stickshift, which is going rather well actually)..
when I got home, I noticed that thewinekone was doing a live show..

long story short: ...I'm still here at 11 AM writing this short blog..
...and the reason I'm doing this, is what Tony drew for Jase..
the model, was jp3d2k's picture of awesomeness.

Then here are some random screenshots, tralalalala...
- Click the pictures to see them full size :O
- I'm not really that crazy about my firefox skin, I need to find a new one *note to self*
- OMG Twitterific is made of fail
- I'm showing you my whole desktop because of the time in the upper right corner.. duh..
- the loveCULT was missing members.. boo for offlineland.
- thanks to Twitter, we got some REndum guests that had some müsli and hopefully some fun..

..and now my dear children, I will try to nap for a bit because my sleepdrunkness is starting to show.. me thinks... yes.

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revilomat said...

twk + lCULT = fabulous!! I think the guests had loads and loads of fun! :P
Thanks for sharing and have a long and refreshing nap! :)

Kiwi said...

I hate you all. With love.

billilovesmargot says... said...


JX said...


That "Aero Fox" skin is like so last week... haha!

jp3d said...


revilomat said...

Hooray for your stickshift skills! Good thing that you never give up, Buttercup! :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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