Monday, October 13, 2008

Yearbook time!

Right, hello blog!! Long time no... oh whatever..
I wish I could write something interesting and funny, but I just can't right now, soooo it's YEARBOOK YOURSELF TIME!! (yes, I screamed that as i typed. What?)

I know what you're thinking, and yes, it WAS me.. Bei Mir Bist Du Schöen, oh good times.

1964Yeah, no comment.

1966It's such a shame this picture isn't in color, my hair was the perfect shade of fake sixties blonde.

1968A week after seeing my picture from 1966, I thought "meh, I'm done with blonde, I look like a Q-tip", so wa-wa-woom voilá!

1970I had a lot of Kit-Kat in 1970

1982After 10 years of fighting the Kit-Kat weight, I finally managed to smile again because now my life was as good as an ABBA song

1984That year, I met Bonnie Tyler and nearly died, true story.

1986My year as a woman of color. Yeah, i couldn't pull it off really, but I had fun.

1994Yes I was STILL in high-school! That's where all the fun and drama are at!

Kelly Taylor wannabe, the end.

My final year, I had just joined the cheerleading squad, and then I got a part on Buffy where I was killed off before the opening credits rolled. I had told the whole school I'd be on that show, and when they found out it was just a minor roll they shunned me.
I was not heard from since.

True story.


Jase said...

You knew me the 1970's.

ben robot said...

ooh baby the 60's were good to you!

revilomat said...

1958 is sweet!! :)
1966... dunno why, but I think you look a bit like Buffy there.
But what did they do to your poor hair in all these other years. Especially 82-94?! Nono, please not! :P

Anonymous said...

1982 looks more like 1974 (tennille, that olympics gymnast,, and abba. abba was a disco group. not the 80's)
you're cuter looking now than even the 50's & 60's. have you made a pact with the devil?