Saturday, March 8, 2008

Excuse me, I was lost..

Ok... yeah.. I know.. I suck..
last blog was ages ago.. but whatever.. I've been busy..
I mean..
Earning a Bachelors degree kinda trumps doing stuff in the E-world..
..or so they tell me..

Hi there!
Last two weeks I managed to watch season 2 and 3 of lost online with my dear Kiwi to guide me and not letting me give up on it..
Sounds weird?
Well.. I've learned that I kinda need at least 1 Lost episode to get into the whole thing, and during those 40+ minutes, I'm just a big ball of annoying questions and lostness..
..and am all "OMG, I'm so lost I'm close to checking out, WTH?! where the fuck are we now? is this a flashback, or?! oh gwad!! I need to pause! I'm so lost!!"
..and seeing that I really wanna be watching the show, (because I like it, and it's awesome, and goose bumpy, and all that jazz..) ..I kinda need someone to watch it with me..
..someone who doesn't go apeshit on my face when I space out for the 7th time during one episode and someone who tells me "NO" when I feel the obsessive need to rewind every 5 minutes because I feel like I missed something...
I really just hate being so totally lost ...that's why I stopped watching the show.. back in the day..
My attention span failed me..
Thank god for Kiwi.. I still have most of my sanity, and am now finally up to speed on the whole Lost thing.. as much as one can be that is.. and it's well worth it..
so Yay!!

In other news:
I want a puppy, but I can't really get one in the next.. oh.. 3-5 years or so..
..I can still watch cutewithchris and dream about my cute little future puppy, which sometimes turns into a kitten.. or a kangaroo.. or a baby goat..

..uhm... right now.. I'm on 3 hours of sleep, my kidneys hurt and I feel kinda hyper.. (don't ask)
I just drove my mom to work.. on our new manual STICK SHIFT car! ^_^
I love driving it.. because I actually CAN do it!!
It's kinda cold out now.. snow and stuff.. and I nearly crashed the car this morning on my way home..
but whatever.. I manage..
I know how to drive in snow and ice.. bitch please!

..I think I'll go dye my hair now.. yes..
and no... before and after pictures are kinda pointless.. because my hair is dark... and after I'm done.. If it works... It will still be dark...
I just need to.. change.. or feel younger... or something.. I don't know..
wish me luck.. I haven't dyed my hair by myself ..for over 10 years..

..oh my god.. I AM old..
I hope I don't break my hip..
ok ok..
The end.


JX said...

Good Luck!

You know that it's perfectly normal for old people to be a little Lost...

Animals to keep you company, talking about your pains and having difficulty staying on the road...

You forgot to talk about bingo but I guess dementia is expected...

Have you started looking for a good retirement home yet?

LOL! Just Kidding!
Good to hear from you again Ally!

Kiwi said...

Hahahahahhaa above comment cracked me up :D
Well... you never told me part 2 of the hair story... now I'm curious!!
Lost was fun!!!!
We should that again sometime^^

Mike said...

Ha, Lost, what a great and perplexing show (and state of mind, might I say)...I'm glad you picked back up on it. I think I have missed a season and a half before, but I'm just watching it and nodding my head half of the time. I actually was able to pick up on more than usual last episode though, so whee for that.

La de da just say your "My Day" vid...looks fun wheee. Sadly, I am in the Arts, not the Sciences, but I'm sure my gf would be pleased to see a female scientist at work. Take care, yayness!