Saturday, March 29, 2008


Today was kinda nice..
Woke up.. made some phone calls and found out that I didn't have to go to the lab today.. just work at home.. writing my essay and stuff..
So, I turned on both my pc and the mac.. originally just wanted to check my mail on the mac and listen to some music.. but then.. twitterific, my pop-up twitter notification program thingy launched (word power!! right here!!), and that made me log onto skype.. and then.. before i knew it.. i was just back to my old ways.. totally ignoring the poor pc next to me..

I uploaded a bunch of old pictures onto my new flickr account, and realized that I pretty much wasn't gonna study at all today.
So I figured, why not just have some fun instead of beating myself up about my concentration problems and feel bad.
Then I remembered Ben telling me to do a photo shoot 2 days ago, and thought it might be a fun little project.. or whatever.. (he also told me to do this blog.. the robot has power, what can I say..)

ANYWAYS!! pt.2..
Picture time.. - The Robot Remake Challenge..
(The originals can be seen on Ben's blog)
An instant classic

Suck on that.. betch.. <3


Ben Robot said...

you RULE darlin! these are fabulous!!! :D :D :D

Jase said...

Hello Kitty! Your eyes are very alluring.

Claudia said...

Your band-aid is so much cooler than mine! hahah. :)

Kiwi said...

I heart this. The green hoodie is soooo kewl!!! And well, I guess no one can beat that band aid. Ever. *sigh

Mike said...

Good kitty kitty. Great photoshoot, Ally. That hoodie is tres suave, c'est bon! =D

JX said...

Pure Gold!

RadX said...

Love it, love it, loooooove it! You look like a real Superhero in the first one :D

Love the flickr pics too :)
I was wondering when you'd start the Flickr adventure. Finally! :>