Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's March already! woah!!

I'm not dead!!
So people have asked me to blog more.
Actually people have asked me to do more of everything, but I IZ SUPER BUSY! like you have no idea. You might think you do, but no, there is always more. It will all be clear in hopefully less than 80 days, so if you're interested, sit tight! :D this blog post was just meant to say that, and Merry Christmas, Happy new year & Happy birthday to me!
(Thank god I blogged before Easter, because adding Easter to that mix would have just been sad.)
..if non of this makes sense, don't worry! I haven't eaten yet as I type this, currently waiting for my ramen to cool down a bit, so making sense is not a given.

Anyways! lookie what Kiwi made for me earlier.
kewl eh? it's a twitter cloud thingy with my colors and stuff : D
Until next time, hopefully not to long from now :S
baiii <3


billilovesmargot said...

moar everything please.

Anonymous said...

hmm, times a passin and no recent update ...