Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The bright side of things

1. I found a red blood cell cast in a urine sample and took this picture of it.They are always a bad sign for the patient, and are usually hard to detect, but I found it and recognized it, so yay! (Yeah, I'm probably the only one who is impressed, but that's enough ^_^)

2. I thought was dead, but no no, apparently not.
What is the bright side? It's funny.

3. The next installment in this blog is something I'd like to call "Faildisk art". When a disk fails, doodle the frustration away and call it art!

4. This one is different. There is no bad side to when people decide to spontaneously send you cute and thoughtful gifts. <3

5. ..and finally, we have Gmail. After deleting some unpleasant unwanted emails I noticed this handy little tip.

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MaddoxHardcore said...

oh hurrah for the blood cell thing in the pee! It sort of looked pretty until I read what it was...

jp3d said...

Nice work on that faildisc, or is that faildisk? How come I never realized there were two spellings for that? *reads Wikipedia article on disk/disc spelling* Interesting...
Anyway, I usually put those in the microwave. It's kinda satisfying to watch the little bastards die a fiery electrical death, but probably not so good for the health.

AericWinter said...
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AericWinter said...

I want fail disk. I need that fail disk. That fail disk could change my life!

KamikazeeKennedy said...

Haha. those are pretty cool pictures. I love the faildisk. twas awesome! :]

and so was the nifty g-mail thingy.
you're awesome :]

billilovesmargot said...

utube drama fails... i love love love that video... you know why.