Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fickle as fuck..

I'm fickle..

This whole blog business is proof if you ever needed it..

Vox was cool and all.. I managed to post 14 times in total, including both the "hello this is my new blog" and the "I'm out, this is crap" posts
...yeah, great.

So now I'm back on Blogger.. (well duh)
Does that mean more people will read this blog here?
well.. probably not, but the question should be, will I blog more?..
I guess we'll just have to see..

oh, and about the URL to this blog..
I didn't use "Dinzla" for legal reasons. It's not because I was stupid and mixed up my various identities, shut up.

So now to add more confusion to the mix (oh dear gwad) I came up with "Pezla", again, shut up.
Why? well.. if you deliberately went to this site, you might know that I have synesthesia (No, I'm not gonna explain it, deal), and.. uhm.. I like Pez.. as in the Austrian candy..
(I'd like to thank my only consistent lover and friend Wikipedia for this wonderfully useless piece of information), Pezla is like a dyslexic version of Dinzla and it's short, so thumbs up.
we good? yes? great.

oh, and I'm Ally by the way.....

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Kiwi said...

Hi. I'm Kiwi.
Nice to blog you.
So Björk, what color am I? xD

Jabazzy said...

Ummm mmm hello, I love Pez too and you also. I didn't know you liked Korn...interesting.

Ben Robot said...

yeah what color am i?!