Friday, May 30, 2008


I think I need to blog now..

First of all, I am fine. Thank you all for your concerns, your emails, comments and twitts.
I am fine.

There was an earthquake here yesterday measured at least 6.1 Richter. It originated in a small mountain/hill right next to the town of Selfoss 30 miles (50K) from Reykjavik.
We did feel it here, it was pretty strong and pretty scary.

They say 28 people were injured, but only minor injuries, cuts and bruises. There is a lot more of people in shock after the whole thing. Most of the people in Selfoss slept in tents last night.

Houses in Selfoss are a mess, they're all still standing, but some are cracked, and some need to be demolished.

There have been almost constant after shakes in Selfoss, mostly small ones, but some over 3 Richter.
There is also increased activity in some hot springs in the area, and apparently some hot clay pits spewing clay in the air.

Now, I'm not trying to be all superhero about this, this was a big thing.
However, this island I live on is located on the Mid-Atlantic ridge, meaning there is a lot of geological activity here.

I was home alone, and jumped in the doorway when I felt this wasn't just a minor quake. The house shook pretty hard, small things fell off shelves and the "chandelier" in the kitchen rocked back and forth.

I say my walls are thin because they aren't soundproof. They are about 20cm thick concrete and wire, built to withstand this kinda thing.
There are small cracks in the walls here at home, but saying that they grew bigger since yesterday could just be my imagination. I mean, it's possible, I just don't know.

I was also home alone during a big earthquake we had in 2000 (6.6 Richter, although this one felt much bigger) and then once during a 5 pointer I was in a storage facility for old airline tickets, which was kinda creepy.

My point being, today, is just good old Friday.
Yesterday, I was shaking hours after the quake, but today, I'm just enjoying my vacation.
Sure, there is a lot more of news on TV, and a possible big after shake expected, but if it comes, it comes.

This link is to an icelandic news site, there you can see some pictures from Selfoss and practice your icelandic (I dunno).

I've felt some minor rumbling while writing this blog, but it's possible that it's only my imagination. It might also very well be real, but honestly, it doesn't matter, when the only constant you have isn't constant anymore everything becomes surreal.

-and then you get over it, until the next big one..

Friday, May 23, 2008

my stats, bitch

I've been trying to make a video for a week now..
I wonder if subconsciously I'm not making one because of this..

..or maybe I'm just lazy...

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Friday, May 16, 2008

when I'm hungry, I can't think of titles..

Hi there!

I was bored and made another mixtape..